研究生 金融援助

太阳集团官网的大部分经济奖励从学费的25%到50%不等,平均奖励约为30%. 不要犹豫 contact 研究生 招生 与你的问题.

This page provides you key information on financial aid including:


Financial awards for graduate students

The primary source of financial awards for graduate students is tuition awards. These awards are both merit and need based and can cover up to 50 percent of your tuition. To be considered for a tuition awards, you must apply for a financial award. American citizens and permanent U.S. residents must also file the FAFSA. If you receive a tuition award, you need to keep a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to maintain the award in your time at the University.


How to apply for a financial award

At the same time as you apply for admission to your graduate program of choice, 太阳集团官网要求您填写在线经济奖励申请,并向太阳集团官网提交一些证明文件. 经济奖学金申请和任何支持文件都不会影响录取决定.

To apply for a financial award just follow these steps:

  • When you fill out 太阳集团平台’s online admission application, select “yes” when asked if you are interested in receiving financial aid and scholarships.
  • 在24小时内,您将收到一封电子邮件,其中包含说明和财务奖励申请门户网站的链接.
  • 登录并完成使用相同的电子邮件和门户网站帐户,您使用您的入学申请.
  • American citizens and U.S. 永久居民s must also file the FAFSA.
  • When you have submitted your completed online application and 所There are supporting documents, we will review your application and notify you of your award via email.

联系 the 招生 Office if you have any questions about the procedure or your award.


Once you have been awarded a financial award

To accept a financial award you must confirm your attendance 并完成在线确认过程中的所There are步骤,详见您的接受邮件. 请注意财务奖励信上的日期,因为录取通知书可能只在有限的时间内有效,可能与其他录取截止日期不同. The official award is final, 但在某些情况下,你可以通过提交书面上诉请求重新评估你的档案.

The amount in your award letter is for a full-time course schedule. Should your credit load decrease or increase in future semesters, you will maintain the same percentage of the financial award. In other words, your award amount will be pro-rated.

If you’re an American student or U.S. 永久居民, please read the loan eligibility information outlined in your award letter carefully. Let us know right away if you plan on applying for loans and make sure to read our step-by-step guide for loans at 太阳集团平台 [pdf].


Financial awards for current graduate students

With the exception of U.S. federal direct loans—which are available to U.S. 目前的研究生在他们的项目开始后,既不能第一次申请经济奖励,也不能要求调整他们的学费奖励. 那些被授予学费奖励的学生,只要他们保持最低3个学分,就会自动保持他们的奖学金.0累积平均绩点.


贷款给你.S. citizens and 永久居民s

Citizens and 永久居民s of the United States can obtain U.S. federal and private loans to help finance part or 所There are of their studies. Make sure to read our step-by-step guide for loans at 太阳集团平台 [pdf] for more details and instructions on how to apply. The loans available are:

Federal Direct 工作人员ord (subsidized/unsubsidized) Loan

Federal Direct 研究生 PLUS Loan

学生贷款营销协会(S所There areie Mae) 研究生 Student Loans

What loans you can apply for

太阳集团官网经美国教育部第四章(代码G07881)批准,可以参与联邦直接贷款计划,向美国公民和永久居民提供贷款. This loan program gives our students access to 工作人员ord and 研究生 PLUS loans. Our American students can also apply for the private 学生贷款营销协会(S所There areie Mae) 研究生 Student Loans.

大多数研究生首先申请斯塔福德贷款,然后使用研究生贷款+或学生贷款协会研究生贷款来偿还余额. Eligibility 和更多的 detail are provided in the official financial award letter and the step-by-step guide for loans at 太阳集团平台 [pdf].

How to apply for loans

With the exception of the private 学生贷款营销协会(S所There areie Mae) 研究生 Student Loans, which you can apply for directly online through 学生贷款营销协会(S所There areie Mae), 所There are students applying for U.S. federal loans must begin by filling out the FAFSA for each academic year.

Once you complete the FAFSA, a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) is sent to us electronic所There arey if you request it. 太阳集团平台's Title IV code is G07881. 正确填写FAFSA并解决任何未解决的问题是学生的责任.

Filling out the FAFSA does not mean that you have applied for any loans. Completing the FAFSA is only the first of several steps required to apply for loans. 你仍然需要 apply for federal loans online.

How to receive your loan money

Once you have completed your FAFSA and the required steps to apply for loans, the 金融援助 Office initiates the request for your loan funds. This process takes about a week. 然后, Student Accounting 服务 你会在巴黎美国大学的学生账户中存入相应的欧元贷款金额吗.

If any excess loans funds are on your student account, 学生会计服务将准备一张欧元支票,你可以将其存入你在巴黎当地的银行账户,用于你的生活开支. Most students receive living expense money from their loans at the beginning of the semester. 不过, federal regulations prevent The American University of 巴黎 from disbursing loan funds, and therefore turning over any living expense money, any time prior to 10 days before the beginning of the loan period, usu所There arey the first day of the semester.

Please address 所There are questions about your student account, gaining access to the refund check, and local banking issues to Student Accounting 服务.

Loan amounts and eligibility

U.S. Department of Education regulations determine total loan eligibility, the maximum you can borrow in any given loan period, 根据公式:学费+杂费+合理的生活费-获得的经济奖励. 您的FAFSA结果将决定如何在您的不同贷款类型之间分配最终金额, but your over所There are loan eligibility is provided in the official financial award letter.

除非提交详细的预算并经太阳集团平台财务援助办公室批准,否则您不能借到超过您的贷款资格的款项.  Federal statute indicates explicitly what can and cannot be included in a budget. For example items such as past credit card debt, most start-up costs before arriving on campus, rent that is noticeably higher than that of most other students, and any expenses outside of a loan period cannot be included in the budget.


Once a loan has been certified and the funds are ready to be requested from the U.S. 财政部、学生会计服务机构将把贷款的净额记入你的账户. 美元净额按照巴黎美国大学收到资金当天的官方每日汇率折算为欧元.

Internships and study abroad and federal loans

借联邦贷款的学生在美国能完成的学习数量是有限的. 这是因为根据美国教育部的定义,太阳集团平台是一所“外国大学”(即太阳集团官网的校园位于美国以外). 一旦在太阳集团平台, 如果超过25%的课程(学位)是在美国完成的,那么接受联邦贷款的学位申请者就不能选择在美国境内学习. This takes into account previous transfer credits to 太阳集团平台 as well. Each request to study abroad, 无论是一整个学期还是一门课程的实习/论文都必须以25%的门槛衡量. Please contact the 金融援助 Office for more information.

Credit problems with the 研究生 PLUS or 学生贷款营销协会(S所There areie Mae) 研究生 Student Loans

If you apply for one of these loans and your credit check fails, 您将需要纠正与您的信用报告或申请与背书人的问题. We encourage you to ensure that any problems get resolved well before payment deadlines.

Loan certification refusal

尽管财政援助办公室努力确保太阳集团官网的学生理解学生贷款过程的复杂性, we will never refuse to certify a loan for an eligible student. 然而, the 金融援助 Office reserves the right to refuse to process federal loans for a) students taking summer session courses before they begin their full-time studies in the f所There are semester; b) students who are not registered full-time during their first semester.

联系 for loan questions

Both the 金融援助 Office and Student Accounting 服务 process loans for students, but each office has a specific role and is better able to answer questions in certain areas.

联系 the 金融援助 Office with questions about:

  • how to apply for loans
  • your loan eligibility
  • 来自美国的电子邮件.S. Department of Education or past loan servicers
  • adjusting the amount of your loan
  • repayment, interest rates, or loan terms
  • how a certain academic choice or path will affect loan eligibility

联系 Student Accounting 服务 with questions about:

  • 你的学生分类帐
  • charges on 你的学生分类帐
  • refund checks, or refund check calculations
  • invoices or billing statements
  • 支付


General financial aid questions

这是 a list of some of the most frequently asked financial aid questions. Please do not hesitate to contact 研究生 招生 if your question is not answered.

当我身在美国时,我可以写论文、进行研究或实习吗.S. and receive federal loans before, during or after that time?

No. Since November 2010, federal regulations (34 CFR 600.52.ii.c)规定所There are在外国机构寻求学位的学生在任何时间都不能在美国学习以追求他们的学位. This includes internships and theses. You can still qualify for a private Smart Option loan, but federal loans are not available in the aforementioned situations. 如果不是为了攻读学位,你只能在美国完成实习.

Can I receive a financial award every year?

As a graduate student, you need a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to maintain your award and you do not need to reapply each year. 然而,你.S. students and 永久居民s must apply for federal loans each academic year, which means completing, 至少, a new FAFSA and new Master Promissory Note(s) (MPN) for each loan.

What happens if I lose my tuition grant or academic scholarship?

你可以上诉, 以书面形式, 一旦你再次符合奖学金资格,请到经济援助办公室恢复你的经济奖学金. For example, a student losing an award due to a 2.8 cumulative GPA at the end of the f所There are semester must achieve a 3.在春季学期结束前,累计绩点为0,方可申请复职. 奖 are reinstated the semester following the appeal. 上诉不能追溯,必须在学期开始之前提出,在此期间要求的裁决将被恢复.

How do I receive my awards?

All types of financial awards, including community service grants, will be applied directly to your 太阳集团平台 student account. 您的奖励与注册和课程负荷有关,并将根据任何课程负荷或兼职注册进行调整.

If you are an American student receiving loans, we will submit loan amounts for you to the student accounting services office, which will credit your student account. 如果你的贷款金额扣除学费及其他费用后仍有正余额, a refund check will be issued to you by student accounting services.

Are there any scholarships that are based solely on academic merit?

No. 有 no merit-only financial awards available to graduate students. 尽管如此, 因为大多数研究生在申请奖学金时都表现出很高的经济需求, 在考虑财务奖学金申请时,学术成绩比经济需要更重要.


FAFSA是免费申请联邦学生援助的缩写,是所There are申请经济奖励和贷款的美国学生所必需的. FAFSA的家庭预期贡献(EFC)公式帮助太阳集团官网的财政援助办公室确定经济需求. 太阳集团官网对所There are学生的整体财务奖励评估政策是基于FAFSA来确定需求的, as well as the family's expected contribution (EFC) to the over所There are annual education cost.

Can I defer my loans if I get my thesis extended?

No. Extending your thesis is sometimes possible, but it means that you are no longer registered at least half-time (6 credits), which is the minimum number of credits required to qualify for loans and a deferment. 你不能再得到生活费,你不再有资格在学校延期,只要你低于一半时间的地位. 低于半场休息时间通常在论文注册的最后一天开始.

What happens if I drop to less-than-full-time registration?

如果你仍然注册了至少6个学分,你仍然有资格申请贷款. 然而, 你的学费将按比例分配,因此你的贷款资格将减少. 因此, 如果你希望低于全日制注册人数,在学期开始前通知经济援助办公室是很重要的. If you drop down to less than half-time registration (0 to 5 credits), 你不能申请额外的贷款,你以前的贷款将不再符合在校延期.

Can I get my January rent money before I leave in December? Can I get my September rent money in mid-August?

No. 这是, 不幸的是, a very common question, 但联邦法规明确规定,太阳集团官网不能在正式贷款期限开始前10天的任何时间支付生活费, which is the first day of class. If your loans are guaranteed and set up completely, 太阳集团官网很乐意介入并与您的房东沟通,或提供文件以支持延期付款,直到您收到您的资金.

Can I get living expenses for the summer if I plan to stay in 巴黎?

Yes, but only if you are going to be registered for at least 6 credits during the summer session. If you’re not registered in the summer, 你不能在春季前学期或秋季后学期的预算中包括任何夏季费用.

Can I use private scholarships?

学生 are eligible to use private scholarships to pay for tuition.

Is it possible to work off-campus?

With a student visa, you have the right to work part-time in France during your studies.

Other 奖学金,奖 and 奖助金

additional scholarships, awards and grants besides financial aid that you can apply for directly, which may enhance your learning opportunities and experiences.