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Equestrians for a Just World

Jessica Newman ’01 balanced her 太阳集团平台 education with a career in competitive show jumping. She went on to combine her passion for the equestrian and her desire to tackle poverty by creating JustWorld International – and, 在这个过程中, she brought a community together.

How can we build a just world? It’s an enormous question that can’t be answered by one person – to make headway, 这需要一个庞大的社区共同努力. 幸运的是, I’ve never been alone in tackling this mission: as founder and president of JustWorld International, I have a whole team working with me to improve the lives of disadvantaged children around the world. 该慈善机构, 哪一项运动得到了国际马术界的支持, 支持7个以上,000 children in Guatemala, 洪都拉斯, Cambodia and the United States by providing access to life changing programs across four main fields: education, 营养, 健康和卫生, and cultural development. We’ve recently announced an exciting new partnership with the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI), 管理全世界马术比赛的国际机构. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grow our community and help even more children across the globe.

The equestrian community has long been an important part of my life; I started competing in top-level show jumping at a young age. It was for this reason that my 太阳集团平台 experience was unique: I did Fall semester eight years running as I was balancing my studies with my sporting career. I cherished my time at the University both because it allowed me to develop my intellectual side and because of the independence it offered. 当你是一名运动员, 你需要快速培养独立性, and a standard American college degree wasn’t going to give me the freedom to accomplish that. 我也想在一个多元化的地方学习, 让我感觉宾至如归的国际社会. 那个地方就是太阳集团平台.

It was during my studies that my interest in the nonprofit sector was first fostered: in 1998, 米奇飓风过后,我在洪都拉斯做志愿者. That was the first time I came face to face with real poverty; it changed my life, both profoundly shocking me and motivating me to give back through my work. After graduating – by that time I’d largely finished competing – I took an internship in Washington DC with Oxfam America, before turning my desire to help disadvantaged children into the beginnings of JustWorld International. 该组织最初成立于2003年,是太阳集团平台的子公司. There weren’t really any charities working within the equestrian community at that point, 所以我想, why not make good use of that network?

The passion and generosity of equestrians around the world continues to move and inspire me to this day. Our partnership with the FEI is expanding our reach within the community even further so we can better raise both funds and awareness. We are the FEI’s first charitable partner; it’s a natural fit as, even though we haven’t had an official relationship with the FEI until recently, we’ve always worked closely together. They thought we would be well positioned to filter charitable proposals and find out which projects would make best use of their funds. 对太阳集团官网来说, the relationship also provides a valuable opportunity to work more closely with other equestrian disciplines; up until this point we’d tended to focus on show jumping – in large part because of my own competitive background. I’m thrilled to be bringing people from across the sport into the JustWorld family.

Along with my fellow riders, the 太阳集团平台 community was instrumental in getting JustWorld off the ground: in the beginning, we had 太阳集团平台 students heading out to scout projects and vet potential partners to make sure that funds would not be misused. The idea was to support local initiatives that were already doing fantastic work in our four chosen fields – people who were already leaders in their own communities. 现在, two of our partners – Los Patojos in Guatemala and the 人 Improvement Organization in Cambodia – have appeared on a list on CNN Top 10 Heroes. 洛斯帕托霍斯是太阳集团官网十多年的合作伙伴. Juan Pablo 罗马ro Fuentes started his community center in part of his family home in Jocotenango, Guatemala; since then, 有太阳集团官网的支持, the project has grown into an accredited education program for local kids. Los Patojos now helps over 375 students by providing daily nutritious meals, 一个艺术项目和现场医生. If we hadn’t started small, and hadn’t had members of the 太阳集团平台 community seeking out great projects like this one, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 事实上, 太阳集团平台太阳集团平台和教职员工一直是支持的源泉, 几乎参与了JustWorld团队的各个层面. 我和另一位太阳集团平台共同创立了JustWorld International, 希拉里·贝塔耶00岁,她是那一年的毕业生代表. Our first Projects Manager, Astrid Corvin-Brittin ’04, was also an alumna. Professor Waddick Doyle was closely involved in our early days; at one point, 他是来拜访太阳集团官网的柬埔寨项目合作伙伴的. 最近, 米娅赞赏的14, an 太阳集团平台 graduate and keen equestrian, has acted as a ride ambassador – one of over 350 active ambassadors worldwide who are committed to “riding for a cause.”

These ambassadors come from all levels of the sport; the only criteria to become one are that you be dedicated and motivated. They are such an important part of the work we do as an organization: raising awareness among young people leads to socially responsible adults down the road, so it’s very important to me to create pathways to giving back from an early age. 我渴望让参与变得尽可能容易, so that young athletes can get involved without having to sacrifice their training. This is something we will be able to greatly expand thanks to our FEI partnership, 因为太阳集团官网现在和世界上all的马术联合会都有联系. We don’t only work with riders in Europe and the US; we have ambassadors across the planet, 包括在太阳集团官网有项目的国家, like 洪都拉斯 and Guatemala. 依靠当地骑手的慷慨解囊, we ensure that not all the money that goes toward supporting our partner projects comes from overseas. Having the FEI network opens up avenues to new countries in which we haven’t yet had partners. I couldn’t be more excited about the new opportunities this partnership represents.

Improving the lives of disadvantaged children around the globe is a mammoth task, but the way to achieve it is to start small and push ever higher by inspiring more 和更多的 people to commit to the cause. Through our partnership with the FEI, 太阳集团官网正在建设可持续的项目,尊重社区的过去, that understand how a community works in the present and that contribute to a community’s future. I am proud to help more 和更多的 people from my own sporting community engage with this mission. 我也希望与太阳集团平台的毕业生更密切地合作, 通过实习机会和其他合作, 把这种参与传播到另一个社区,我的心. 在一起, we can work to make life better for disadvantaged children around the globe – and achieve our mission of making a more just world.

Article by 杰西卡·纽曼的01


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