Leaving Paris

你打算在学期末离开巴黎吗? 如果是这样,太阳集团官网鼓励您查看太阳集团官网的 即将离开指南,专为all准备离开的学生设计.  

该指南包括哪些内容? 主题包括如何关闭您的银行帐户, 取消手机合约, 以正确的方式离开你的公寓. 

Students who have used the guide in the past tell us that it provides valuable information and insight as you get ready for this next chapter post-太阳集团平台.  

除了一系列有用的建议, the guide also includes contact information for the various 太阳集团平台 offices with whom you may need to be in touch in the days and weeks ahead.